Lloyd SixtyFive


An architectural icon designed by award winning W Architects, Lloyd SixtyFive promises a lifetime of opulence for the exclusive owners of this freehold abode in the heart of Orchard Road.


Lloyd SixtyFive Location Map

A lavish nature-inspired residence nestled in the heart of Orchard, creating seamless harmony between the best of both worlds. Satisfy your desire for quietude with a relaxing stroll through the natural landscape within. Step out to be engulfed within city allure. Sashay down coveted luxury boutiques, wine and dine in esteemed establishments – everyday.

Let prestige define your identity, and grandeur inspire your life. Own the most prominent address in a majestic city-state  roaring with prosperity and harmony, an address that speaks volume of your success and affluence. Enveloped within the pulsating heart of Singapore. Lloyd SixtyFive is a privilege opened only to the select few who can afford the ownership of an Orchard Road address.

Command the envy and respect you deserve with a mere whisper of your Orchard Road address. Kickstart your day with breakfast at a  world-famous retail and entertainment landmark, while the Central Business District a short drive away conveniently combines work and play. Leave traffic woes behind and venture into leisure pursuits at any corner of Singapore via nearby Somerset MRT station.

A niche architectural icon designed by award-winning W Architects. Lloyd Sixtyfive promises a lifetime of opulence for the exclusive owner of the freehold abode illuminating Orchard Road.

Site Plan

Lloyd SixtyFive Site Plan

Unit Mix

1 Bedroom592 - 904 Sqf
1 + Study710 - 1,055 Sqf
2 Bedroom1,604 - 1,981 Sqf
2 + Study Loft1,808 - 1,840 Sqf
2 + Study Attic1,604 - 1981 Sqf
2+ Study Attic Loft2,045 Sqf
3 Bedroom1,733 Sqf
3 Bedroom Loft2,422 Sqf
3 + Attic3,639 Sqf
4 Bedroom6,672 Sqf

Floor Plan



Glow in the radiance of never ending merriment. Dip into the Pool and savour the sun at the Pool Deck, feel the Jaccuzzi wash away your worries or experiences the holistic invigoration of a sizzling work out the Gymnasium.

Lloyd SixtyFive is a property collector’s dream. Stunning architectural design with high quality finishes, rare and  extremely valuable location in the heart of Orchard, and most important, it is freehold. By Mr Ong Boon Chuan MD of TG Development.

Lloyds Sixty Five Dinning

Estimated Monthly:

Maintenance Fees: S$67 per share (subject to changes and exclusive of Sinking Fund)


Price and Rental AnalysisResult
Indicative Price Range / AverageS$2,370 - S$3,051 PSF / S$2,780 PSF
Indicative Rental Range / AverageS$5.38 - S$7.07 PSF PM / S$5.98 PSF PM
Implied Rental Yield2.58%
Historical HighS$3,051 PSF in Oct 2017 For A 592 SQF Unit
Indicative Average Price From Historcal High-3.9%
Historical LowS$1,571 PSF in Jan 2013 For a 6,620 SQF Unit

What is good about Enhanced Deferred Payment Scheme? 

There are a number of subtle advantages that this scheme provides to buyers. We also see a good chance it will catch on, if loan restrictions remain tight:

  • Subletting the unit can significantly lower costs
  • Avoiding interest payments for two years
  • More time means fewer cash flow issues for buyers
  • Being able to live there before committing
  • Subletting the unit can significantly lower costs

We’ve confirmed that you can sublet the unit you rent from Lloyd SixtyFive. Now at $6,750 for a single bedder, there’s almost no chance you are going to cover the whole cost. But other, comparable listings in this area show that rental rates of $4,000 are quite within reach.

If you’re okay to not reside there for two years, this can significantly offset your cost. Assuming you get rental income of $4,000 a month, you would shave around $92,000 off the total cost over two years (minus $4,000 for the agent fees).

  • Avoiding interest payments for two years

You’re renting, not loaning. No mortgage means no interest repayments. How much does that come to?

Well, assume it’s a 3-bedroom unit, which would mean a cost of around $6.8 million. The loan amount is $5.4 million (80 percent Loan-to-Value), at around 1.8 percent per annum (this is true for at least the first two years). We’ll also assume a 25 year loan tenure. Monthly instalments would be around $22,366.

Total interest paid (excluding the principal), within 24 months, would come to approximately $188,355.

By renting instead of buying, you have no loan and avoid paying this sum.

  • More time means fewer cash flow issues for buyers

In the first place, we doubt that anyone buying a district nine condo will have cash flow issues. Nonetheless, the significant down payments involved (buying a three-room would require some $1.3 million down) can be troublesome. They often require buyers to liquidate certain assets early, or to skip certain investment opportunities.

Renting requires a much smaller cash outlay, which will appeal to buyers who don’t want to re-tweak their portfolios.

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